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How we work


We capitalized on the experience gained by investing in an internal team of highly specialized people with strong know-how in the design, technical and project management fields.

We invest a lot of energy and capital in the training and professional growth of the team and in the technological management infrastructures in order to be able to provide our services to the maximum of customer expectations.

Internal Processes and Quality

In order to provide the maximum traceability of the work, in addition to the reference figure of the “Project Leader”, we assign to each assignment a Project Manager who is an additional operational contact to the capable Project Leader, for every single detail of the assigned task, to give answers in real time.

We were among the first design companies to adopt a “Web Based” management tool for the management of Engineering processes structured in a flexible and adaptable way to any type of assignment using advanced Project Management criteria set on phases and activities (WBS – Work Breakdown Structure).

The management program was developed entirely by us for our customers and was refined and developed during the performance of over 3,500 assignments.

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